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The Architecture of Public Open Urban Spaces, Leontiadis Stefanie

The architecture of public open urban space has taken many forms through history, and the points of views of its proper syntax is one that has created conflict and discrepancies among architectural and urban design theorists and practitioners, following the beginning of the modern movement. The present book, a demonstration of the problem of defining civic art in relation to public open urban spaces from modernism and until today, along with the presentation of syntactic demonstrations of contemporary solutions, offers tools and actions for the architectural ... więcej

Human Resources Management in the Commercial Field of Companies, Munteanu Valentina

This work brings new perspectives of the permanent growth of efficiency in using human resources from commercial field.The first part of the work is focused on the issue of human resources in theoretical plan (systemic vision upon human resources, human resources management system, management strategies and human resources policies), starting with a more pragmatic approach to main activities including human resources management. The complex issues of human resources such as recruiting, selection and integration of personnel within commercial field of companies ... więcej

Investing in Human Resources for Competitive Advantage, Omuse Frankline Oyese

The content of the roles in HRM continue to increase and shift, while resources are constrained. If we do not step forward with compelling HR leadership, the future will be determined for us. One thing is certain, HRM is evolving and the profession will either be driven reactively by external changes or will more proactively define its own future. As HR leaders we are challenged to guide the many changes needed to continue the HR evolution. This book, "Investing in Human Resources for Competitive Advantage," highlights a number of issues for HR Managers ... więcej

Alienation in Edward Hopper's and Jackson Pollock's Paintings, Dalirian Zohreh

In this thesis I study alienation in Edward Hopper's and Jackson Pollack's paintings. Each of these American painters expressed alienation in his art in a distinctive way. The source of their alienation is different, too, yet they share some personality traits. While alienation in Pollock's paintings is mainly derived from his psychological characteristics, the source of alienation in Hopper's paintings is mostly sociological. The alienation in Hopper's paintings is the manifestation of man's new status in the world, which is defined by Modernity. He ... więcej

A Practitioner's Guide to Data Science, Balakrishnan C.

Describing Data Science is like trying to describe the silence of the forest- it should be easy, but somehow capturing the words is impossible. Data Science is the art of turning data into actions. This is accomplished through the creation of data products, which provide actionable information without exposing decision makers to the underlying data or analytics (buy/sell strategies for financial instruments, a set of actions to improve product yield, or steps to improve product marketing). Data Science supports and encourages shifting between deductive (hypothesis-based) ... więcej

Human Resources Management Practices, Shaik Haniefuddin

Every industry requires certain prerequisites for its functioning namely: raw materials, finance and funding, machinery, etc. Similarly, it requires manpower. And this manpower is the Human Resources and in order to administer the manpower, Human Resource Management is necessary. HRM involves managing manpower in order to improve individual, group and organizational effectiveness. The importance of Human Resource Management can be traced back to Vedic ages, in The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna not merely makes Arjuna spiritually enlightened, but also educates ... więcej

Aviation English, Orabi Hebatullah

It is generally known that aviation communication is a rich area of study for language investigators. Having such a critical importance, it would be interesting to discover how aviation English is shaped lexically to be compatible with the special nature of controllers' and pilots' work. The ultimate purpose of the current study is to investigate the language of aviation English and to examine its linguistic properties in order to construct a lexical linguistic profile of aviation English in ground-to-air communication between controllers and pilots.

Managing Human Resources In Construction, Othman Ayman Ahmed Ezzat

The rapid political, economical, legal, technological and competitive changes in the business environment necessitated the importance of the teamwork as a cornerstone for any organisation aims to remain in market and compete for the future. Because of the important role it plays as the first line of contact with clients in the construction industry, design firms have to strive on building effective architectural teams. Building such teams begins with choosing the right people who perceive that working together is the best way to achieve the client's ... więcej


Social and Cultural Geography is a broad field of study that embraces two broad concepts: social issues and cultural practices. It is not easy to make distinctions between these fields of study since they share significant concepts and both are related to space and place. Social Geography is primarily concerned with the ways in which social relations, identities and inequalities are created and related to space. Cultural geography is the study of cultural products and norms and their variations across and relations to spaces and places. This book ... więcej

Online Visual Merchandising, Katrandjiev Hristo

Over the last years the online trade is growing rapidly. Web stores are selling more and more goods and the principles of merchandising are finding new soil for further development. We are witnessing an online technological boom of web stores and especially the techniques and elements of presenting goods in an online environment. This technological development is giving birth to a new scientific branch which we call Online Visual Merchandising. This book provides an in-depth study of apparel online stores, focusing on three goals: identification and systematization ... więcej

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