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Boo's Big Adventure, Miller Rebecca
Sacred Melodies, &C (Classic Reprint), Waring Samuel Miller

Boo is a curious little nine year old brown bear from Bearville. She decides to venture out of her village  in search of the Great Pine Cone. She ... więcej

Excerpt from Sacred Melodies, &C Treasury for the children of god; consisting of Meditations for the Morning and Evening of each Day in the Year, upon ... więcej

Attraverso Gli Albi e le Cartelle, Pica Vittorio
Política de língua estrangeira, Vidotti Joselita Júnia Viegas

Excerpt from Attraverso Gli Albi e le Cartelle: Sensazioni d'Arte Tedesca a. Parigi Disegni ad acquarello Testata pel canto XXVI del Paradiso Vignette ... więcej

A intervenção do Estado nas questões linguísticas tem sido constante no desenrolar do percurso histórico do ensino de ... więcej

Le Complaisant, Launay Antoine de Ferriol de
Losing and Finding, Clark Joseph B.

Excerpt from Le Complaisant: Comédie en Cinq Actes, en Prose; Représentée par les Comédiens Français, le 29 Décembre ... więcej

Excerpt from Losing and Finding: A Memorial Discourse, Suggested by the Death of Mrs. George Gould; Preached at Jamaica Plain, Jan. 4, 1874 For whosoever ... więcej

Memoir of William Kendrick, Welburn Drummond
Predictors to Evaluate Dropouts, Stewart-Roary-Cook Mary

Excerpt from Memoir of William Kendrick: Born, February 11, 1810; Died, March 16, 1880 The family have cherished memories and sacred traditions of those ... więcej

Why do dropouts happen in minority community-based participatory research studies? And perhaps in healthcare? The purpose of this ... więcej

Historical Sketch of Slavery, From the Earliest Periods (Classic Reprint), Cobb Thomas Read Rootes
The Master Key, Baum L. Frank
The Master Key
103,10 zł 97,90 zł

Excerpt from Historical Sketch of Slavery, From the Earliest Periods Philosophy is the handmaid, and frequently the most successful expounder of the law. ... więcej

A children's adventure involving a boy who, with the Demon of Electricity, discovers that it is no fun being ahead of one's own time technologically.

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