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Psychology of Creativity, Kozlov Vladimir
Teaching and Learning of Il in Universities of Kzn, in Rsa and Malawi, Chipeta George

This book is for those who have creative experience, for those who have already partaken of its sweetness and bitterness. It is a warning: creativity ... więcej

Information Literacy (IL) is a relatively new concept in Africa. This book documents some aspects of teaching and learning of IL at the university of Zululand ... więcej

Entwicklung der wirtschaftlichen Wertminderung von Wohnimmobilien, Unterberger Markus
Discours Et Plaidoyers Politiques de M. Gambetta, Vol. 8, Gambetta Léon

Die im Zuge des Donau Universität Krems-Lehrgangs REV gewonnenen Eindrücke hinsichtlich der Entwicklung des wirtschaftlichen Wertminderungsverlaufes ... więcej

Excerpt from Discours Et Plaidoyers Politiques de M. Gambetta, Vol. 8: Sixième Partie (7 Janvier 1878-8 Janvier 1879) Les volumes que nous avons ... więcej

Microencapsulated Mouth Dissolving Tablet of Anti-Diabetic Drug, Shah Parth
The Speeches of the Right Hon. Lord Erskine, at the Bar and in Parliament, Vol. 2 of 4, Brougham Brougham

The book includes novel technique to optimize minimum weight of orally disintegrating tablet and to meet the criteria of disintegration Micro encapsulation ... więcej

Excerpt from The Speeches of the Right Hon. Lord Erskine, at the Bar and in Parliament, Vol. 2 of 4: With a Prefatory Memoir This Information, which it ... więcej

To the Four Corners, Grant Bernard
The Main Locks of Jiu-Jitsu - Including Pictures and Step by Step Instructions, Anon

Excerpt from To the Four Corners: The Memoirs of a News Photographer This book reveals in a most entertaining way, as I am sure all its readers will acknowledge ... więcej

This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern ... więcej

An Introduction to Philosophy (Classic Reprint), Windelband W.
Optimisation Radio D'Un Reseau 3g, Welid Abdelkader Mahi

Excerpt from An Introduction to Philosophy The Introduction to Philosophy which I here offer to the public gives a general view of philosophical problems ... więcej

Le system UMTS 3G représente un des succès industriels les plus marquants de ces dernières années. Le déploiement ... więcej

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