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These Numbers Can Kill! Puzzles, Puzzle Pulse
Joe's Tap, Washington K. Lee

Yes, numbers can kill...your boredom! Sudoku will take your attention and focus it in the puzzles before you. Will you be able to find the patterns and ... więcej

'p'In the 1950s and ’60s, America hasn’t reached ethnic equality. On the crowded Jersey Shore, resort city Cape May is known for its local ... więcej

Crescent Moon Rising, Decker Ed
Extreme Sudoku and Puzzle Books for Adults | Busy Time for Me Time (Over 240+ Puzzles), Puzzle Therapist

Islam is a major threat to the sovereignty of our nation. It is an evil and violent system, coming into America through doors held wide open by our own ... więcej

Invest in some exciting Sudoku puzzles to boost your love for thinking and learning. Solving these puzzles will challenge you and will throw you off your ... więcej

Free and Open Source Software in Modern Data Science and Business Intelligence, Srinivasa K.G.
Information Sources and Services, S. Dhanavandan

Computer software and technologies are advancing at an amazing rate. The accessibility of these software sources allows for a wider power among common ... więcej

The scientific, technological and engineering disciplines and the management techniques used for information handling and processing their applications ... więcej

Mitarbeitermotivation - langfristige Erfolgsgarantie für Unternehmen, Acimovic Matea
Soul Traitor, Chizmar Tim

Der demographische Wandel, der mit stark sinkenden Geburtenraten und einer älter werdenden Bevölkerung einhergeht, zwingt Unternehmen sich mit ... więcej

Behold the Bizarre, Demonic, Mad Ramblings of a possibly Drug-induced Fever Dream of Epic Shock-value proportion. Can your heart withstand the devastating ... więcej

The Art of  Meditation, Goldsmith Joel S.
Problem-Based Learning and Higher Cognitive Skills Performance, Achuonye Keziah

Many books have been written about inward prayer, or meditation, but Joel Goldsmith’s classic, The Art of Meditation , presents meditation not ... więcej

This is a dissertation on 'The Effect of Problem-Based Learning Strategy on Higher Cognitive Skills Performance in Biology at Secondary School Level'. ... więcej

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