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The Twilight People (Classic Reprint), O'sullivan Seumas
Serious Games para a Fonoaudiologia, Sousa Azuíla

Excerpt from The Twilight People Lures with a music sweeter than all sound Wild-hearted ones, blind wanderers. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes ... więcej

Em virtude do desenvolvimento da tecnologia computacional é comum observar a existência de ferramentas computacionais como aplicativos de ... więcej

Les Fleurs du Mal and The Flowers of Evil - French Edition and English Translation Edition with The Generous Gambler in English, Baudelaire Charles Pierre

Charles Pierre Baudelaire (1821-67) was a French poet. His most famous work Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil) is included in this volume in both ... więcej

This controlled study of Eastern Orthodox spiritual intervention in the treatment of depression and anxiety, conducted in an empirical manner, is a ... więcej

All Around a Palette (Classic Reprint), Champney Elizabeth Williams
The Issue Fairly Presented, Author Unknown

Excerpt from All Around a Palette Not the least bit in the world! For had they not both seen them? It could not have been a dream, for it was not at all ... więcej

Excerpt from The Issue Fairly Presented: The Senate Bill for the Admission of Kansas as a State; Democracy, Law, Order, and the Will of the Majority of ... więcej

Princess Diaries, Volume IV, Cabot Meg
Highway Construction, Byrne Austin T.

Excerpt from Highway Construction: A Practical Guide to Modern Methods of Roadbuilding and the Development of Better Ways of Communication Q] It is with ... więcej

Chronicle and Romance, Froissart Jean
William Ewart Gladstone and His Contemporaries, Vol. 2, Archer Thomas

Excerpt from Chronicle and Romance: Froissart, Malory, Holinshed But it is as the supreme chronicler of the later age of chivalry that he lives. God has ... więcej

Excerpt from William Ewart Gladstone and His Contemporaries, Vol. 2: Sixty Years of Social and Political Progress; 1840 to 1854 Opening of Parliament ... więcej

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