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Indigenous Literatures in Educational Practice, Barcenas-Mooradian Martha
The Archko Volume Or, the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim & Talmuds of the Jews, Mahan William Dennes

This book is an auto-ethnographic case study of the role of indigenous literatures in the educational experience of Hispanic day laborers in Southern California. ... więcej

Claiming to be official documents written in the days of Christ-taken from manuscripts in Constantinople as well as records of the senatorial docket in ... więcej

Lectures and Sermons on Subjects Connected With Christian Liberal Education (Classic Reprint), Emerson Joseph
Diaries of the Cheshire Girls, Dunworth Angel

Excerpt from Lectures and Sermons on Subjects Connected With Christian Liberal Education The opportunity for such study has been mainly in the intercourse ... więcej

Diaries is a dark woman's drama that is narrated by anti-hero Chelsea O'hara from a drug-induced coma. She tells her story in retrospect covering issues ... więcej

Musical Gems for School and Home, Bradbury William B.
Retain and Gain, Taylor Lisa

Excerpt from Musical Gems for School and Home: A Rich and Full Collection of Music for the Young, Original and Arranged; With Choice Selections From the ... więcej

This Playbook identifies 40+ low-cost tips, activities and actions that small business can take right now (some in only 10 minutes a day) to attract, ... więcej

Practice and Pleading Under the Code, 1808-1881 Whittaker Henry

Dr. Basil Jackson, a learned scholar of Irish roots, has gleaned the pages of sacred history and selected noteworthy words from esteemed and respected ... więcej

Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition), as this leads to bad quality books with introduced ... więcej

Actions, Rationalite & Decision. Actions, Rationality & Decision.  Actes du Colloque international de 2002 en hommage a J.-Nicholas Kaufmann,
New York Illustrirt (Classic Reprint), Author Unknown

Cet ouvrage collectif contient les Actes d'un colloque international bilingue en hommage à J.-Nicolas Kaufmann tenu à Trois-Rivières ... więcej

Excerpt from New York Illustrirt Q3oruher an Bong 861anb'6 ßufch und Sliieb, 6taaten Sélanb'ö Dunilen %ipfelironen, qbo ftolg, Der A'pnbfon ... więcej

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