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French Olympics Topic Pack, Hannaford Priscilla
French Lessons, Walter Max

The enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the Olympics makes it an ideal topic for teaching French. Not only will pupils learn the French words for sports ... więcej

Excerpt from French Lessons: A Demonstration of the Direct Method in Elementary Teaching The visit of Director Walter to this country is due to the invitation ... więcej

Introductory French Prose Composition (Classic Reprint), Francois Victor E.
Practical French Accidence, Fowle William Bentley

Excerpt from Introductory French Prose Composition This book is supposed to be used with students who have already gained some knowledge of French grammar; ... więcej

Excerpt from Practical French Accidence: Being a Comprehensive Grammar of the French Language; With Practical Exercises for Writing and Very Complete and ... więcej

The French Subjunctive Mood, Clarke Charles C.
Science French Course, Moffatt Paget C. W.

Excerpt from The French Subjunctive Mood: A Brief Inductive Treatise; With Exercises This use of ne after avant one is said by grammarians to be correct ... więcej

THE title of this book sufficiently indicates its purpose, namely to provide students who have to read French books on scientific subjects with the necessary ... więcej

French Pen Pals Made Easy - A Fun Way to Write French and Make a New Friend, Leleu Sinead
New Grammar of French Grammars, Fivas Victor de

Now there's an easy way for pupils to communicate in French with other French speakers. French Pen Pals Made Easy contains fill-in-the-gaps letters, so ... więcej

Excerpt from New Grammar of French Grammars: Comprising the Substance of All the Most Approved French Grammars Extant Over the preposition a, to, in order ... więcej

Unforgettable French (2nd Edition), Rice-Jones Maria
Elementary French Grammar (Classic Reprint), Keetels Prop; Jean Gustave

Unforgettable French, 2nd edition has been completely updated to meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum for England for foreign languages ... więcej

Excerpt from Elementary French Grammar The demand for this work has been so great that in the printing of many successive editions the plates had become ... więcej

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