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Motivation for Learning English in Bangladesh, Rukanuddin Mohammad
Real'nosti dialoga, Podchinenov Aleksey

This book investigates the reasons why the tertiary level students of Bangladesh learn the English language exploring the kind of motivational orientation ... więcej

V monografii predstavleno sravnitel'noe istoriko-tipologicheskoe issledovanie klyuchevykh problemnykh uzlov russkoy literatury, kotorye sostavlyayut svoeobraznyy ... więcej

EFL Instructors' & Learners' Attitudes to Authentic Reading Materials, Almusallam Inas
Readings in Gower (Classic Reprint), Easton Morton W.

Research indicates that attitudes of both teachers and learners play an essential role in language learning. Accordingly, this study attempts to elicit ... więcej

Excerpt from Readings in Gower I quote from the Museum catalogue its description of the manuscripts in question, adding only such details as concern the ... więcej

Otrazhenie Mentaliteta Anglichan V Poslovitsakh I Pogovorkakh, Sibgatullina El'vira
Gender in Language Use, Mustapha Abolaji

Frazeologicheskie edinitsy, otrazhaya v svoey semantike dlitel'nyy protsess razvitiya kul'tury naroda, fiksiruyut i peredayut iz pokoleniya v pokolenie ... więcej

This study examines how dyads enact gender in compliment exchange. With 1200 compliments, the author uses correlational methods to describe their frequency ... więcej

Graphology - The Science of Reading Character in Handwriting, Rice Louise

In her quick-witted, conversational style, Jill Pertler provides a step-by-step process for self-syndication. Packed with practical information and useful ... więcej

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing ... więcej

Deconstructing Traditional Notions in Translation Studies, Moros Edgar
Outlines of the History of the English Language (Classic Reprint), Toller T. N.

The goal of this book is to review the traditional concepts of theory and practice, as well as the concept of history, as have been applied to translation ... więcej

Excerpt from Outlines of the History of the English Language English, quite as much as the Italian of Dante, deserves to be called a noble vulgar tongue ... więcej

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